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My name is DJ Tajh and I am the owner/operator of Reign Kelly Event Company LLC. 

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My Story

I am a proud alumnus of Morgan State University. It is there that a found a deeply rooted passion for music. After college I continued to search for new musical outlets I could use to express myself and satisfy my souls need for music. I stumbled across the art of djing and became intrigued. So much so that as I would drive each day I would create different mixes and mashups in my head or try to figure out what song would transition perfectly after the one currently playing. One day I decided to purchase an entry level controller and some small speakers. This was the genesis of a lifelong passion.

After years of practice and sharpening my skills I started to do private events. In 2019 I officially created Reign Kelly Event Company LLC. My friend and fellow business partner opened my eyes to the world of professional lighting and that became another service that I added to the business. From there I add different tools and equipment piece by piece until RKEC became what it is today.

I am passionate about music and truly care about making clients visions come to life. I will continue to provide new and innovative services while still maintaining respect and nurturing the craft that started it all for me, DJing.

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